Adam9812 - Politics and War

My Nation on Politics and War is "Oneric". I am a part of the Arrgh alliance. I am also active on the P&W forum.


If I raided you, too bad there are two possible reasons.


I intend to offer stuff at low prices, and have been doing so for a while. To see if I have any current offers, click here.


My P&W nation was founded in 12/13/14 (A Pattern!). The alliance I joined was FSA, and I remained loyal to it by helping and funding wars, amd defending against attackers. On December 28th, Fort Bestris was built, and helped the expansion of my nation.

The breaking point for my FSA membership was an event where Myriad withdrew millions in resourses to build a massive military. Here is a record of the event. I decided that I would not further fund this massive imperialism and left. I then joined Arrgh.